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I woke up with a crazy fever early this morning. ;; And I had very vivid dreams suggesting that the finale of LOST was responsible.

It's gone now, but it's still very weird. I don't actually get fevers: I haven't gotten one since I graduated from high school, and that one lasted for an equally short time. Maybe these freak, flash-fevers are a byproduct of graduation? WHO KNOWS.

In more creative news, I am determined to write an [ profile] imaginarybeasts story this time around. If I manage to write something, would anyone be interested in illustrating?


May. 31st, 2010 12:21 am
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So you know how I came home all gung-ho and all ready to write and mess around and have fun and all those other things you do on vacation?

I got sick immediately and have spent most of the week too braindead to do much of anything. H-Hahaha orz. Thankfully I got antibiotics somehow, despite the doctor once again making a huge effing deal out of the fact that I get nervous in medical settings. IT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN TALK ME OUT OF, GUYS. I CANNOT TALK MYSELF OUT OF IT. Just let me lie down for two seconds and it will be all good.

I am finally starting to feel a bit better, though, so tomorrow I plan on catching up on comments/links for the Original Fiction Drabble-thon, and I want to throw in a couple more fics myself. We've got tons of awesome prompts over there, so if you want to play, come on over. ♥

I haven't had the energy to do much else except watch a lot of things. I watched the first season of LOST again, which: DANGEROUS. I stopped watching in season three, and I have been spoiled to hell and back and know that the way to the finale is paved with heartbreak and tears and frustration. But. Sayid! Sun-Hwa motherfucking Kwon (and Jin as well, naturally)! Rousseau! And I haven't even gotten to Ben Linus. Gahhh must stop before it's too late.

I have also started watching Justified, the new modern Western on FX. Westerns are so not my thing, but I really enjoy it! Possibly because I find the protagonist really very hot. Seriously. UNF.

Which got me thinking about the meme that was going around a long time ago where people talked about the fictional characters they found most attractive. Out of curiosity, who are yours? I'll give you my Top Ten once I have the brainpower to do picspam.

Hope your summer is off to a good start. ♥

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