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Becky - (n) A redheaded, mildly obsessive twenty-four-year-old.

(n) a writer. Writing is, to put it mildly, my life's blood, and I post a lot of my writing to this journal. I write both poetry and short fiction, but my main body of work consists of multi-chaptered stories.

I'm completely open to cowriting and collaborations, and I've done so with several talented artists and writers on my friends list. I may not have the time, but talk to me, and we can work something out.

(n) a student. Graduate(!) of Brandeis University. I was a Creative Writing and East Asian Studies double major, and proud member of the Japanese Student Association, a collection of dedicated students who perform bizarre synchronized dances.

(n) a geek. Seriously. If you are here, you're probably a geek, too, so share the love. My interests range from Japanese anime, to classic literature, to SF/fantasy, to history... there's not much I don't like, so I'm open to pounce on anything.

(adj) boring. This journal has been approved by the FDA as nearly drama-free. Aside from the occasional whining, most of the posts are just going to be ramblings on things I've been doing lately, fannish things, and writing.

(adj) prone to naming one's electronics.My iPod is "Luke" from Tales of the Abyss, my external hard drive is "Teo" from Avatar, and my laptop is "Caspian" for no good reason. I need help.

Friending Policy: Comment on this post, and you shall be added, unless you have a history of pissing me off. If you plan on developing a history of pissing me off, I reserve the right to remove you from my friends' list, though this has never happened before. Don't be the first. ♥

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