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So I will stop talking about agents for this point, except to say this: HE SAID HE'S "LOOKING FORWARD TO DIGGING IN," AHHHHHH. ♥

Ahem. Okay, done.

Fandom babble! Take note: I'm discussing some of the more unsavory aspects of the show, so trigger warnings for racial/sexual matters apply.

Oh man, you guys. This show is really infuriating sometimes, because what I like, I really, really like. Disclaimer: I read the first book in high school, so I don't remember a whole lot.

So basically, I love most of it. I love Tyrion (SO VERY MUCH). I love Arya. I love Boromir Ned Stark. I love how Sansa's Disney princess fantasies are going to get her into so much trouble, but the writing doesn't vilify her for them. I love the political intrigue. I love the dialogue. I love how the former king apparently pulled a Nero, and I get chills when they talk about that time. And I effing love the setting, and the way the seasons work, and the concept of the Wall, and I cannot WAIT to see winter come, because something tells me it's going to live up to the creepy opening scene.

I just wish it wasn't so damn problematic sometimes.

I am talking, of course, about Dany's storyline. Which sucks, because there are things I like about that, too! I like how Dany, the perpetual victim of her brother, is learning how to exert control in her own little ways. I'm betting that as time goes on, those little ways will become bigger, which is really awesome. And I love Jason Momoa.

But there's two huge honking problems here, exemplified by the pilot episode. The Dothraki, the only characters of color in this damn show, are depicted as ruthless savages. It's gotten better in recent episodes - we got some insight into the cute floppy guy with the whip, for example - but they're going to need to do a lot more work than that to undo the grossness of the pilot. Especially when it comes to Drogo.

Which brings me to my next problematic point: Drogo raped Dany. It's mind-boggling to me that they wrote that in, because IIRC, it was consensual in the books. (You could, of course, debate that, considering that she's supposed to be very young. I consider it very dubious myself.) And they aged her up in the series, so that scene had the potential to be less problematic! But noo. This is HBO. We can't have that. So that makes for an even more problematic depiction of PoC.

It sort of makes me think they forgot that they're supposed to fall in love later, because now it's like the writers want us to forget that happened. Now they've got Dany and Drogo smiling cutely at each other and talking about their future children. And I'm like, ashfjsjk no! No cute smiling! It drives me crazy, because Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa make a cute couple, and they fall into that "huge beefy dude and the princess-y woman who tops him" trope that I love so much. If the writers had just kept their need for gratuity in check in that first episode, they could have done something interesting with this couple. But I can't just forget entire plot developments, show! I save that for Glee!

So in conclusion, ugh. Jason Momoa deserves better than a gross "noble savage" stereotype, and Dany deserves better than to fall for her rapist. I know this is supposed to be a gritty and realistic medieval world, but still. Come on.

I'm still going to watch, though. Because I really like everything else. Sigh. At least, since I don't watch the episodes live, I can fast-forward through scenes that infuriate me.

... I feel like now I should point you guys to a show you can enjoy without reservations. SO MAY I DIRECT YOUR ATTENTION TO TIGER AND BUNNY? It's an adorable anime about a reality show about superheroes, and it is massively, massively entertaining. And it's all on Hulu! Watch it!
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