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This week was much busier than last week, but now I'm rested and ready to chill out. I made an omelette this morning! And I'm going to make actual real dinner tonight! But first I'm going to go on a journey to buy a wireless router and some work clothes! And then tonight I am going to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS and make my apartment pretty. ♥

And most importantly! I GOT A NETFLIX ACCOUNT, FINALLY. And I require some recs for movies and TV shows to rent. Suggestions~?

Have a great holiday, everyone!
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I went to Vermont over the weekend and had a lovely time! And I have lots of cheese to show for it. Mmmmmmm.

I will be on campus for another week or so - graduation is on Sunday - and I will still be rather scarce for a while as I say goodbye to my friends. But I wanted to share my good news! I ended my undergrad run with my first all A semester at Brandeis, and it was enough to push me over the line to graduate cum laude! I didn't actually think it was possible, because my Creative Writing and study abroad grades don't count towards my GPA, so my lower science/math grades counted for a lot more. (That's what I get for taking Behavioral Neuroscience instead of Computer Science, h-haha.) But I did it somehow! I'm very happy. ♥

Also, a week from tomorrow, May 26th, I will be holding the Fourth Original Fiction Drabble-thon! Prepare yourselves!
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It's spring break! And I have decided that it shall be a spring break for WRITING. I can't let my less-than-stellar RL luck put a damper on fun fantasy times.

Here's what I'd like to play around with:

1. Cowriting projects that I've been too stressed to contribute to lately
2. Finish that last chapter of Imperial Guard book 1 so I can set it aside for a bit to let stew, and then retool. (Poor Imperial Guard. It goes through so many iterations.)
3. And most importantly, START NEW THINGS. :D

That's where I need your help. I feel like shopping around a little bit, playing with as many new things as possible. I wrote a page of The Hungry Ground earlier, and I've got some other potential projects: Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law, a YA paranormal/urban fantasy set in Tokyo, and that middle-grade Stranger Than Fiction-esque project I've played around with before. But I want to take a few more things for a test drive to see what grabs me the most at the moment.

There's a certain prompt that I've had a lot of success with - it started both Catalyst and Grandmaster Draw, so I want to give it a go again. Could you guys comment with two different adjectives? I'll try writing a scene with two characters that those adjectives fit, and I'll see where that leads. :D

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