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First of all, thank you for all your wonderful support lately. ♥ Sorry I have been so incommunicado and have been behind on a lot of things. I'll be done with finals tomorrow, and then I will lavish you all with lots of love. And all the fics I owe people. ♥ ♥

Second of all, OMG WATCH COMMUNITY. I am dying over here.
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/is a year older

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes, guys. ♥ My birthday was nice and quiet, though I could have done without the rain. And best of all, I didn't get any rejection letters! It's nice when your birthday is heartbreak-free.

Tomorrow I begin 22-year-old life with a Japanese presentation, a few important meetings, and hopefully some WRITING, dammit.


Mar. 21st, 2010 02:02 am
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It's my birthday tomorrow! How did that happen. I sort of missed it. Anyway, I'll be 22 on March 22nd at exactly 3:22pm. Pretty insane!

My celebration with my roommates was today because everyone's always so busy on weekdays. It involved Miranda casually suggesting we go out for a walk, getting back only to be lunged upon and thrown into the bathroom by Sarah in order to blow out candles (it's illegal to light candles in the dorm, and the bathroom is the only room without a window), and then going to Porter Square for delicious udon and croquettes and plum sake. And I flirted with the bakery guy again. Eventually I will just ask for his number.

All in all a lovely day.

No word from the literary agent yet, but I did come up with a list of things not to say to him if he calls me, ranging from "slightly damaging" to "never-work-in-this-town-again."

1. (When he tells me who he is) "Oh fuck."
2. (If he offers representation) "Oh, wow, this is amazing. It's even better than how my phone psychic said it would be."
3. "So what are you wearing?"
4. "I was a Velociraptor in a past life."

Actually, what with how many crazy people e-mail literary agents every day, I could make sanity my platform. I don't claim to channel ancient Native American spirits to write my books for me, Mr. Malk. Please love me.

I'm just hoping for some good feedback either way, since he's the first agent to take a look at the book. Anything else is extra. Well, the exclusive ends on Thursday, so we'll know soon enough! Eep.

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