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I say Accessory-mas because many of my gifts were, in fact, accessories! Two scarves, two headbands, a bracelet from Dad, and a sorely needed new handbag. Other than that, I got a new wool sweater, a lovely hand-knit vest/shrug from Etsy, an apron, a little contact grill, a dish set perfect for Japanese cuisine, the first season of Community, two PS3 games (Folklore and Devil May Cry 4), two new books, and the softest bathrobe and softest throw blanket IN THE WORLD. Mom was pretty excited because, apparently, almost all of that was on sale.

She also gave me something very lovely and unique: she took some gorgeous official art postcards that came with my Mushishi DVDs and had them framed very beautifully together. It was hands-down my classiest gift.

Least classy gift: Dad wrapped a bottle of beer and put it under the tree. It was sort of the best thing ever. We are so Irish you guys.

And, of course, YUUULETIDE! I got not one, not two, but THREE How to Train Your Dragon fics! I will write more detailed recs in an unlocked post on [ profile] yuletide later, but they are all well-written and totally cute. The first two follow my original prompt for a post-movie fic showing Hiccup doing the genius engineer thing relating to the spoilery plot development. The third fic was gifted to another person besides me, and I suspect it's closer to that person's prompt, but I will never, ever object to adorable Stoick and Toothless bonding. Needless to say, all of these are chock full of SPOILERS.

If you'd like to guess my fic, by all means! I will make it easy-ish:
- It is over 5000 words long.
- This is the third fic in this fandom that I've written for Yuletide, but the first two were treats.
- Not a lot of you have watched this canon, but one of you has already commented on the fic.

More Yuletide recs later, plus a detailed review of one of the books I got for Christmas! I read it all in one afternoon, which should tell you how I liked it.
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Two Mushishi fics, one written for Yuletide '07 and one written for Yuletide '08. I am apparently incapable of writing a fic for this fandom without referencing episode 12 in some way. (I may have a huge writer-crush on episode 12. ;;)

I think I like Deluge better. Both because it's more recent, and because I love Adashino.

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