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Moved into new place!

Internet set up!

Furniture mostly set up, with the exception of the sofa, which was sold to us without screws to put it together with! (Pictures of the apartment to come when I manage to put it together, though.)

First day of work tomorrow!

Unbelievably terrified and not at all ready to be an adult!

I have lots more to say that I've been running through my head for the past couple of days... but I have to be up at 6:30 tomorrow, I haven't gotten more than four sold hours of sleep since last Monday, and I'm completely dead. More to come tomorrow night!


Aug. 15th, 2010 08:33 pm
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Still packing! Still panicking! Still writing up my Five Things lists when I have the energy/time to think/type/take pictures/etcetcetc. But I have to be a little shameless.

the that's my favorite! meme

I write mostly original fics obviously, so favorite project/drabble/whatevs applies. Also I'm going to echo what [ profile] mekosuchinae said about pretending I'm too cool to care about comments (but really, it's all appreciated :D). Also also, let me know if you have a thread, and I will give you the love you deserve. ♥

I think I may actually crash after True Blood. I AM THAT TIRED. Last weekend at home, aaaaaaaaah.
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Moving on Wednesday. Packing! Panic! Packing! Panic! Furniture-buying! Panic! I'm sorry I've been so all over the place, guys. Once I'm settled into my apartment the week after next, I'll be much more available. And online more often, for sure.

Until then, because everyone is doing it:

Ask me my Top Five Whatevers. Fannish or literary or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! Fandoms, ice cream flavours, books I might get around to writing one day, cartoon moments, women in my fandoms, OTPs, ideal holiday destinations, goals for the future, celebrity crushes, books I wish would be made into movies, love songs. And I will answer them all in a new post (or in comments). Possibly with pictures.
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The adorable Wall-E tissue box that I'd been saving and refilling for two years got thrown away! It would have been so cute in my new apartment, sob. Sob sob. D:

Okay, onto less dramatic matters. (D:)

- Just a reminder that drabble requests are open! Fandom, original, whichever. ♥

- All right, Namco Bandai. I'm giving you until next year to announce that you're going to release the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia in the US, or I'm going to go to eBay and buy a Japanese copy off some fanboy. Hopefully by then the price will be below $50. ;; I wish there was a way to get a hold of an XBox360 just to play this game!

- Speaking of which, I'd love some PS3 game recs for when I have money. ♥

- Moving in a little less than two weeks! I'll be on the road on the 18th. My first month's rent is paid, furniture has been scouted, and I have an appointment with the Comcast people to come set up my internet that Saturday. You know what would go with all this preparedness? Official word from the embassy that my background check cleared. orz. I know they told me that I had the job and we worked out my start date and everything, but I'm paranoid, okay.

- Looking around my room for things to bring to the apartment is a bit like spelunking. I forgot about all that incense I had! Sadly, the burner is nowhere to be found. I'll have to get myself to some new-agey shop and get a new one.

... my sweet innocent Wall-E, noooooooooo

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