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My crush on Tony Stark: continuing and predictable. This movie was no exception. I STILL LOVE YOU TONY.

My girlcrush on Natasha Romanoff: newer, but still predictable. I figured I'd fall in love with the character when she actually got things to do (*side-eyes Iron Man 2*), BUT SHE WAS SO AMAZING. Natashaaaaa. I hope you get your own movie. Maybe a prequel?


(Cap was not in the movie enough, but he gets an honorable mention for being adorbs.)

Please tell me there are at least 10,000 new Bruce/Tony BFF fics in the fandom right now. AND FEEL FREE TO DISCUSS THE MOVIE WITH ME. ♥ Possible spoilers in comments!
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The King's Speech

This movie! ♥ THIS MOVIE. It's like they took the usual Oscar-bait formula and made it charming and adorable. And now I know why Colin Firth has been going around calling Geoffrey Rush his "geisha girl."

I saw it with a coworker, and she is rooting for The Social Network for the Oscar pretty hardcore. She loved King's Speech, but she wants Social Network to win because it's 'more personal.' I have not actually seen Social Network - I will probably see it just to stack its chances against the other movies, but it will probably make me angry for various reasons.

But even so! I generally do like to root for the more 'personal' movies, like Slumdog, Little Miss Sunshine, or Juno. But I think that King's Speech, unlike a lot of Oscar-bait movies, was much more focused on the relationships than the historical setpiece or the Important Issues. And that's why I'm rooting for it. ♥


Black Swan

Okay, so I went into this expecting it to be like Perfect Blue: The Ballet Edition. And I really liked it! But as I watched it I thought, "Eh, it's not really that messed up."

You all are probably giving me a look right now. I would also be giving me a look right now. But I thought compared to Perfect Blue, it was pretty linear!

That said, it was delightfully twisty, and I loved the last quarter of the movie in all its trippy glory. I went home a little worried that I was going to find Winona Ryder in my kitchen. Someone more informed than I can provide a better analysis of how misogyny in the ballet world was portrayed, so all I will say for now is, I do believe Natalie Portman will be snagging that Oscar.

Heavy Rain

This is a very interesting game, with even more interesting gameplay. It's basically an interactive murder mystery movie - or as I like to call it, "the most ominous game of The Sims ever."

I'm just sort of getting into the action now, but it's really fascinating so far. There are quite a few different choices you can make, and they're not obviously good or bad like in most games. Said choices even make the plot splinter in different directions. The story can even continue when one or more of the characters dies. I can't wait to see how things go when I get further!

I am still getting attached to the characters, though. There was one I really liked, but then I got the worst spoiler ever and now every time I see them I'm like "WAS IT ALL A LIIEEEEEE." I think I enjoy playing the FBI agent the most, though. He has random futuristic FBI technology, and I am fascinated by his accent.

More on this later!


I SAW A JUSTIFIED PREVIEW TODAYYYYY. Eee! Raylan being a dork! Boyd blowing shit up! Art being exasperated! RACHEL HAVING SCREENTIME! Next Wednesday! I am so excite! omg this showwww ♥

Aaand recs!

I have a rather terrifying week coming up at work, and I will be lucky to get out of it alive. Therefore, I require things to unwind with after work! I will take anything - TV shows, movies, manga, reading material, anything. ♥ Any suggestions?
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I'm a huge fan of horror, but I'm also pretty picky when it comes down to it! Serial killers and other such slasher movies don't faze me at all - sorry, Freddy and Jason - so most of the horror/supernatural thrillers I enjoy involve ghosts, demons, and things of that nature.

Of course, since I've seen/read most of the better-known good stuff, it means that there's not a lot that gets under my skin. Actually, when something is sublimely creepy, it's more of an adrenaline rush than a chill - I'll cackle gleefully at the scary parts while everyone else is screaming.

Which is not to say that nothing scares me, because plenty does! Off the top of my head, a couple movies and shows that have creeped me out: The Shining, The Devil's Backbone and The Orphanage, the Urado arc of Ghost Hunt, and especially the Ju-on/Grudge movies, which I eventually inoculated myself to over time. And I can't forget the first movie to ever really get under my skin: The Sixth Sense. I was nine or ten years old, and I didn't sleep at all that night.

The movies that get under my skin aren't the ones with relentless scares (well, except maybe The Grudge), but they're the ones that really get my imagination going. That's the scariest thing about them, I think.

Which, finally, gets me to this rec: Lake Mungo, an Aussie indie film that the lovely [ profile] pocky_slash brought to my attention last night. At first, the ghost story setup seems very standard: a teenage girl (with long black hair, natch) drowns, and her grieving family soon starts experiencing mysterious phenomena in the house. I would have thought it would play out in the usual way, but after reading some of the reviews, I knew it wouldn't. So thankfully, I decided to watch it during the day.

Lake Mungo is recorded in a faux-documentary narrative, much like another recent horror film Paranormal Activity. I enjoyed the slow build of the latter, and the tension builds even more slowly and effectively in this film. Many of the spooky inciting events from the beginning are only talked about, not shown, and the film is mostly made up of pictures, interviews, and camera footage.

While there are some genuinely creepy images, the film is really building, ever so gradually, up to one real scary moment towards the end that actually made me gasp and recoil. Which I never do! I started the movie with my computer on my lap. But after that moment? I moved it to the end of my bed. It's one of the few examples of horror where they do reveal the unknown, and it's just as scary as what you imagined, if not more so.

It's not a popcorn horror flick - don't watch it expecting things to jump out with scare chords. But if you want something sublimely unsettling that just digs its way under your skin, Lake Mungo gets my enthusiastic recommendation.

EDIT: Some spoilers in the comments!
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Two words: THE CLAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! (I shrieked. And then I applauded like a crazy person.)

Loved it.

Loved it loved it loved it.

I think it's actually my favorite of the three.

This coming from someone who didn't really think a third movie was necessary! Mea culpa, Pixar. I should have trusted your brilliance.

But basically, it was one part prison escape caper, two parts Brave Little Toaster homage, and three parts concentrated Pixar awesome. I think I laughed at least twice as hard as any of the kids in the theater. (Chuckles the clown! Every scene Ken was in! Timothy Dalton as the classically-trained porcupine plushie! Bonnie! Barbie being really freaking awesome! Spanish Buzz's DANCING oh my god. DYING.)

And yep, I was definitely crying at the end. As someone who graduated recently, the themes hit me right in the heart. But it was a fantastic, perfect ending and I'd watch the movie again in a second.

Also, um. I think that Woody and Buzz and Jessie may be the writers' OT3. I can't bring myself to ship it (mostly because, well, they're toys), but I'm glad the love triangle was so epically averted.

All in all, it was definitely a love story to our generation, the people who were kids when the first Toy Story came out. And it was a nice reminder that even though we're growing up, we'll never grow out of their movies.

And now I want to have a Pixar marathon. ♥
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I have only one word:


omg omg omg omg so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute

So cute it goes on my list of "Movies so cute I almost expired while watching them." That list is mostly composed to Pixar movies, so that's saying something. It is so full of love that not even the rejection I got when I returned home was enough to dampen the love.

(omg Hiccup and Toothless and Astrid and EVERYONE omg)


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