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So, uh. Watch me epically drop the ball on this reposting business, haha. To start off, here's the first chapter of Catalyst.

This story is a bit different from most of my other projects. For one, it's straight-up fantasy: most of my stuff is either YA "urban" fantasy type things, or fantasy just by the virtue of taking place in a made-up world. This also began from a cowriting project with hijiri on LJ, though with every new draft, it gets further away from what it was then.

The story is also one of my only stories with a female POV character. I have a lot of female main characters, but for some reason, male POV characters are a lot easier for me to write. That said, Tuyen is one of the easiest characters I've ever written, of any gender. I've been writing with her since I was seventeen, and while she's gone through a few different drafts since then, she's still a lot of fun.

Catalyst was on its fourteenth chapter when I scrapped everything and decided to start over. Here's the new version of chapter one.

Oh. Wait. ‘Once upon a time’ is how these things tend to begin, right? )

I'll probably just backdate the In Descending Order chapters, so next is either The Imperial Guard or some fanfics...
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In which I attempt intrigue, rising action, and dramatic reveals.

Chapter Five )

Chapter Six )

Chapter Seven )

Chapter Eight )

Chapter Nine )

Chapter Ten )
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Here's the first of the backdated In Descending Order posts! Witness my horrible attempts at pacing, ahaha orz.

Chapter One )

Chapter Two )

Chapter Three )

Chapter Four )

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