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Though I still need to get my ass in gear and back up the rest of my writing here, it was requested that I post these publicly somewhere! So here are the ficlets I wrote for [community profile] help_haiti:

For [personal profile] noelleno:

Cowriting: Jasper/Angelo )

For [profile] tempest_strife:

Fullmetal Alchemist: human Alphonse + Schiezka )

And for [profile] googlebrat:

Thief of Eddis: Sophos + Pol )

Thank you so much to everybody who donated. ♥
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And here's my main fic from Yuletide, and probably one of the longest fanfics I've ever written. It's still less than 4,000 words, haha.

Contains Seimei/Hiromasa and lots of pretentious references to Heian period literature!

'Love brings ruin much more often than happiness. It wouldn't be interesting otherwise.' )
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Two Mushishi fics, one written for Yuletide '07 and one written for Yuletide '08. I am apparently incapable of writing a fic for this fandom without referencing episode 12 in some way. (I may have a huge writer-crush on episode 12. ;;)

I think I like Deluge better. Both because it's more recent, and because I love Adashino.

Fearless )

Deluge )
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... well! I think I will get started on that reposting again by putting up some of the handful of fanfics I've written, starting with the Yuletide stuff.

First up is Hair of the Dog, which was written for [personal profile] moonsheen for Yuletide '07. Rock/Revy, maybe a light-R rating for language and Rock getting groped. (In other words, if you're already a fan of the series, nothing you haven't already seen.)

To call Okajima Rokuro a masochist was neither insulting him, nor stating anything he didn't already know. )

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