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So, commencement happened. It was sort of traumatically long and busy, and our commencement speaker drew protesters that I had to walk past on the way to the auditorium. (One of them told me, "Congratulations!" which I thought was pretty hilarious.)

But there were a lot of good things: we marched in to "Jai Ho" instead of "Pomp and Circumstance," there was a techno remix of the Horah at one point, and honorary degree recipient Paul Simon played a gorgeous version of "The Boxer" for us. ♥ And all the wonderful support I received wasn't too shabby, either.

So I am now the owner of a B.A in East Asian Studies, Cum Laude, with minors in Creative Writing, English, and Anglo-American Literature. Well, in theory - my actual degree is coming in the mail in a few weeks. I have an empty folder with a note. But it's the thought that counts.

Hello, rest of life. I will have to figure out what I want from you now.

But I have a little while to relax, so first order of business: write! Write lots! And what better way to get started than with an Original Fiction Drabble-thon! To those of you who want to play with some original fic - or even just give prompts - come on over and play!
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Oh wait I think I'm too tired to panic.



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I went to Vermont over the weekend and had a lovely time! And I have lots of cheese to show for it. Mmmmmmm.

I will be on campus for another week or so - graduation is on Sunday - and I will still be rather scarce for a while as I say goodbye to my friends. But I wanted to share my good news! I ended my undergrad run with my first all A semester at Brandeis, and it was enough to push me over the line to graduate cum laude! I didn't actually think it was possible, because my Creative Writing and study abroad grades don't count towards my GPA, so my lower science/math grades counted for a lot more. (That's what I get for taking Behavioral Neuroscience instead of Computer Science, h-haha.) But I did it somehow! I'm very happy. ♥

Also, a week from tomorrow, May 26th, I will be holding the Fourth Original Fiction Drabble-thon! Prepare yourselves!
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Exams and such are over! I will probably still be scarce until the week after next, because now the long goodbye begins. Graduation is on the 23rd, and until then, I'll probably be spending as much time with my college friends as possible - I don't know when I'll see them again, after all.

But right now, I'm in the apartment alone and have some time to kill, and this meme looks fun. In the comments, I'm going to post 100 things that make me happy!

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