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Hey there, Yuletide Santa! I feel like my letters are pretty much the same every year, but the same holds true pretty much every year. Basically, you're awesome. I've got quite the mixed bag of fandoms this year, and being familiar with any one of them means you have pretty fantastic taste. Second of all, my only hard and fast rule for Yuletide: no pressure! I'm a very easy person to write for. There are lots of things I like, and I want you to have fun with this. ♥ You can choose to disregard this letter and go your own way if that's what's easiest for you. But if you're the type who does better with more direction, here are some general things I enjoy in fic:

- Hard-won happy endings! Conflict and intrigue is awesome, but I generally prefer things to end on an upbeat note.

- I am all for characters who love sex and own their sexuality, but I tend to skim sex scenes.

- Favorite things in fic: strong group dynamics, interesting power balances in relationships, a good mystery, an air of creepiness, plotty fics that spotlight characterization, banter, and humor.

- Least favorite things: non-con, excessive angsting, character death, casual treatment serious issues, and romantic relationships trumping friendship/family. Also, love triangles. Shudder.

And here are some notes on the specific fandoms:

The Monstrumologist - Rick Yancey

I am in love with these books, and I love Will Henry the most. Having had some high-maintenance bosses in my day, I feel his pain, but mostly I love his complexity and layers and flaws. I love that he serves different roles with different people, and I'm especially interested in his messily codependent relationship with Pellinore. Sometimes they're good for each other and sometimes they're very much not, but either way, I find it all weirdly heartwarming.

I am not picky, though, so as long as you feature Will, I'll be all over it. His relationship with Malachi in the first book was awesome, and I love Von Helrung, Lilly, and all the other characters, so you can go in whatever direction you like!

And The Final Descent basically gutted and killed me, so something set during the first two books would be preferred. Not fluffy, per se, because this is Monstrumologist, but darkly heartwarming would be good!


Eeeee! I loved this movie! I am a sucker for kids who see things that no one else can see, so I would absolutely love a story further exploring Norman's world, especially after the events of the movie. He's balancing real, human relationships with the spirit world for the first time, so how does that work out for him? How does the town react to him now?

If you'd like to make it more slice-of-life, that's awesome, and if you'd like to go in a creepier direction, I am all for that, of course. I'd just love to see anything more in this universe.

I know Mystery Kids is a big thing in this fandom, but no crossovers please! I haven't watched Gravity Falls, so I'm afraid I wouldn't know what was going on!

Sleepy Hollow

This show seriously snuck up on me with how much I love it, and how much I love Ichabod and Abbie. And I have a thing for distressed dudes being rescued by amazing ladies anyway, so my id is coming out to play here. I REGRET NOTHING.

I am big on the creepy, but if you don't want to write something like that, I am so very flexible. I love when Abbie helps Ichabod adjust to modern times, so anything slice-of-life with the two of them would also be so amazing.

Also, I really just want him to be all respectful to her and in awe of her fabulousness and kiss her hand at some point. Because eeee.

The Conjuring

My love for this movie cannot be adequately expressed. Married ghosthunters who battle the powers of evil and also are totally adorably uncool? Count me in. I also really love that the movie passed the Bechdel test with flying colors and how strong Lorraine is.

My request pretty much covers it all: I'd love a winter-y ghost story, either in vignette form or as a longer narrative. Terrifying is good, but if you'd prefer to focus on their relationship rather than the creepy bits, that would be just as fantastic!


This is one of those fandoms where you can basically do anything and I will be indescribably happy. I love the quieter, more isolated feel of the chapters focusing on Ginko and the mushi, but I love when the recurring characters turn up. I requested Adashino because I love the prickly friendship between him and Ginko (and I'd love a fic where that began to thaw - platonically or otherwise) but I love Tanyuu and Nui, too, so wherever your brain takes you, I'd be happy to read it.

Natsume Yuujinchou

For whatever reason, my heart is set on Natori becoming a tragically well-intentioned villain, looking to take the Book of Friends in order to protect Natsume. (Of course, I would hope it would work out in the end, but still!) But anything with these two would be absolutely amazing.)

Bonus points for Japanese folklore things, and for the Fujiwaras - I love how kind and supportive they are, and I'd love to see more of them.

Thank you, Yuletide Author, and happy writing!
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