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Hey there, Yuletide Santa!

So basically? You're awesome. I've got quite the mixed bag of fandoms this year, and being familiar with any one of them means you have pretty fantastic taste. Second of all, my only hard and fast rule for Yuletide: no pressure! I'm a very easy person to write for. There are lots of things I like, and I want you to have fun with this. ♥ You can choose to disregard this letter and go your own way if that's what's easiest for you. But if you're the type who does better with more direction, here are some general things I enjoy in fic:

- Hard-won happy endings! Conflict and intrigue is awesome, but I generally prefer things to end on an upbeat note.

- I am all for characters who love sex and own their sexuality, but I tend to skim sex scenes

- Favorite things in fic: strong group dynamics, interesting power balances in relationships, a good mystery, an air of creepiness, plotty fics that spotlight characterization, banter, and humor.

- Least favorite things: non-con, excessive angsting, character death, casual treatment of -isms, and romantic relationships trumping friendship/family. Also, love triangles. Shudder.

And here are some notes on the specific fandoms:

The Monstrumologist - Rick Yancey

I am in love with these books, and I love Will Henry the most. I'm an assistant myself, so I feel his pain, but mostly I love his complexity and layers and flaws. I love that he serves different roles with different people, and I'm especially interested in his messily codependent relationship with Pellinore. Sometimes they're good for each other and sometimes they're very much not, but either way, I find it all weirdly heartwarming.

I am not picky, though, so as long as you feature Will, I'll be all over it. His relationship with Malachi in the first book was awesome, and I love Von Helrung, Lilly, and all the other characters, so you can go in whatever direction you like!

And if that direction happens to include some near-future-fic in which older-Will and Pellinore kick ass together, you will hear no complaining from me.


All the characters in this drama are adorable, but Tsuchiya in particular is my favorite. I love when the tiny, sweet, innocent characters are the ones with the backbone of steel, and in general, Kiyama was the one to bring that side out most of the time. I would love a fic that explored that dynamic: where Kiyama may be the older, tougher one, but Tsuchiya is the one who got Kiyama into tumbling and yelled at the team when they didn't notice he was struggling. And although I ship them like burning, gen is totally fine.

Natsume Yuujinchou

As I said in my optional details, Japanese folklore is awesome, and the way it's approached in the show is equally awesome, but my favorite chapters are the ones dealing with Natsume and how he navigates his new relationships with Tanuma, Taki, Natori, and the Fujiwaras. I particularly love how protective Tanuma and Taki are of Natsume, and how they want to understand him better but never pressure him into telling them anything.

Prince of Persia 2008

... so I basically just want another game, but that's a bit of a tall order, so let's just go with 'anything would be awesome.' The Prince and Elika are one of my favorite twosomes, so whether you want to write them post-epilogue or at an interlude during the game itself, I will love it. I could also go for some backstory on The Corrupted if you wanted to mix it up a bit.

Thank you for reading my letter, Yuletide Santa! I look forward to reading your fic! ♥
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