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Okay, in lieu of actually writing (fail) I want to revive this meme to prove to everyone that "I hate female characters because they're written badly" is NOT AN EXCUSE. I feel like this isn't even a representative sample! I had to make myself stop!

1. Elika (Prince of Persia)
2. Coraline Jones (Coraline)
3. Duck (Princess Tutu)
4. Rue (Princess Tutu)
5. Nina Fortner (Monster)
6. Eva Heinemann (Monster)
7. Tanyuu (Mushishi)
8. Nui (Mushishi)
9. Winry Rockbell (FMA)
10. Riza Hawkeye (FMA)
11. Izumi Curtis (FMA)
12. May Chang (FMA)
13. Lan Fan (FMA)
14. Claire "Lightning" Farron (FFXIII)
15. Oerba Dia Vanille (FFXIII)
16. Oerba Yun Fang (FFXIII)
17. Tear Grants (Tales of the Abyss)
18. Natsume Reiko (Natsume Yuujinchou)
19. Taki Tohru (Natsume Yuujinchou)
20. Shirogane Naoto (Persona 4)
21. Amagi Yukiko (Persona 4)
22. Kujikawa Rise (Persona 4)
23. Satonaka Chie (Persona 4)
24. Inara Serra (Firefly)
25. Kaylee Frye (Firefly)
26. River Tam (Firefly)
27. Zoe Washburne (Firefly)
28. Rachel Brooks (Justified)
29. Helen Givens (Justified)
30. Loretta McCreedy (Justified)
31. Buffy Summers (Buffy)
32. Willow Rosenberg (Buffy)
33. Tara Maclay (Buffy)
34. Kendra (Buffy)
35. Faith Lehane (Buffy)
36. Anya (Buffy)
37. Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
38. Cindy "Mac" Mackensie (Veronica Mars)
39. Amaterasu (Okami)
40. Otohime (Okami)
41. Himiko (Okami)
42. Sun-Hwa Kwon (Lost)
43. Turtle Wexler (The Westing Game)
44. Latika (Slumdog Millionaire)
45. EVE (WALL-E)
46. Ellie (Up)
47. Violet Parr (The Incredibles)
48. Nice Holystone (Baccano!)
49. Ennis (Baccano!)
50. Chane Laforet (Baccano!)
51. Rachel (Baccano!)
52. Miria Harvent (Baccano!)
53. Akesato (Peacemaker Kurogane)
54. Yamazaki Ayumu (Peacemaker Kurogane)
55. Diana Barrigan (White Collar)
56. Elizabeth Burke (White Collar)
57. Mary Shannon (In Plain Sight)
58. Juliet O'Hara (Psych)
59. Detective Alexandra Eames (Law and Order: CI)
60. Santana Lopez (Glee)
61. Brittany S. Pierce (Glee)
62. Mercedes Jones (Glee)
63. Tina Cohen-Chang (Glee)
64. Amelia Pond (Doctor Who)
65. River Song (Doctor Who)
66. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
67. Martha Jones (Doctor Who)
68. Millie Chant (Chrestomanci)
69. Janet Chant (Chrestomanci)
70. Marianne Pinhoe (Chrestomanci)
71. Eddis (The Queen's Thief)
72. Scout Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird)
73. Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec)
74. Ann Perkins (Parks and Rec)
75. April Ludgate (Parks and Rec)
76. Katara (A:TLA)
77. Toph Bei Fong (A:TLA)
78. Mai (A:TLA)
79. Ty Lee (A:TLA)
80. Suki (A:TLA)
81. Yue (A:TLA)
82. Re-l Mayer (Ergo Proxy)
83. Pino (Ergo Proxy)
84. Ofelia (Pan's Labyrinth)
85. Mercedes (Pan's Labyrinth)
86. Amy (Smoke and Mirrors)
87. Britta Perry (Community)
88. Annie Edison (Community)
89. Shirley Bennett (Community)
90. Olive Hoover (Little Miss Sunshine)
91. Taniyama Mai (Ghost Hunt)
92. Sophie Hatter (Howl's Moving Castle)
93. Brenda Leigh Johnson (The Closer)
94. Elphaba Thropp (Wicked)
95. Glinda (Wicked)
96. Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife)
97. Kalinda Sharma (The Good Wife)
98. Sumeragi Hokuto (Tokyo Babylon)
99. Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
100. Rapunzel (Tangled)
101. Tiana (Princess and the Frog)
102. Charlotte le Bouff (Princess and the Frog)
103. Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon)
104. Hermoine Granger (HP)
105. Luna Lovegood (HP)
106. Lily Potter (HP)
107. Minerva McGonagall (HP)
108. Ginny Weasley (HP)
109. Kanzaki Hitomi (ES CA! FLOW NE!)
110. Revy (Black Lagoon)

Okay that's 110 and I have to stop.


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