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So while I spend my lazy Sunday watching TV and waiting for beta comments on my edited MS, I wanted to share some essential links for any of you looking to go on the agent hunt in the future. Some of these links heavily skew towards YA information, but they're extremely useful anyway:

Generally Useful Sites:
Agent Query - Search for agents by genre.
Absolute Write Bewares, Background Checks and Recommendations - Whatever agency you're looking at, it has a thread here.
Query Tracker - Looking into agent response times and submission guidelines, and make a spreadsheet of your own submissions.
Preditors and Editors - A listing of agents and agencies that keeps track of spam artists.
Literary Rambles - This blog has "Agent Spotlights" on several different kidlit-representing agents. It's awesome because they include as much info as possible, including specific likes and dislikes.
Publishers Marketplace - One stop shopping for all industry information. Sign up for the Publishers Lunch newsletter!

Agent Blogs:
Kristin Nelson's Blog - Extremely informative and helpful. The best part of this blog is that she posts and analyzes her clients' original queries.
Nathan Brandsford's Blog - Though he's no longer an agent, he still has great publishing industry info.
Mary Kole's Blog - Great information on the slush pile, the manuscript review process, and lots of beginners' writing mistakes.
Janet Reid's Blog - Hilarious and informative all at once.
Miss Snark - The blog may be defunct now, but the archives are well worth a read.
The Rejectionist - A (now former) agent's assistant ruminates on books, writing, reading, etc. Totally hilarious.

Query Help:
Query Shark - Janet Reid critiques queries! And she doesn't hesitate to point out when something works for her, either.
Writing A Killer Query - Elana Johnson's workshop is one of the best and most thorough. She breaks query down into five separate parts and walks you through all of them.
Query Letter Hell - If you are very brave and really need help cracking that query, this is the equivalent of query letter boot camp. You need an account at Absolute Write to access this forum.

Some Top Agents/Agencies Who Represent YA:
Writers House
Andrea Brown Lit
Curtis Brown Lit
Fine Print Lit
Dystel and Goderich
Nelson Agency
Maass Agency
Harvey Klinger Agency
And that's just a few to get you started.

I hope this is a good start! ♥

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