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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Becky's Dreamwidth!

I didn't post for a while because I didn't know what I was going to be doing with this journal. I'm not moving - I love LJ too much for that - but I've always wanted a place where I could backup all the important writing. Properly organize it and such. Because there are few things I love more than properly organizing my writing files.

So here's a little list of the general categories and projects that will be showing up here. Links will go here once I am caught up on the backlog.

(Under construction while I get everything up to date)

In Descending Order:
Wealthy, young doctor Aidan Connors lost everything he owned when a surge of violent riots burned his city to the ground. Stranded in the Back Wards, the slums of the city, Aidan is approached by a stranger, the eccentric Tobias Locke, who offers him work. Aidan almost balks at the offer, but agrees to listen out of obligation to provide for his teenage sister, Lily. He quickly learns, upon introduction to Tobias' unconventional crew, that working for Tobias will be more trouble than it's worth. But the one turning his job into something far more deadly may be Lily herself. Complete.

This was my first full-length story, written from the fall of 2005 to late summer 2006, and it shows. Oh God, does it show. But, at the same time, it was a learn-by-doing primer on how to write novel-length fiction, and I have a lot of nostalgic love for it. So it would feel wrong not putting it here. I'm proud of it. Not because it's a great example of my writing (see: senior year in high school), but it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And for my first longer story, that's kind of a good start.
Chapters 1-4
Chapters 5-10

"Once upon a time" is how these stories tend to begin - but Tuyen hasn't been a knight for a long time. Once a promising, confident rising star in a military academy with an unusual student body, her career plans were derailed by an illness that left her struggling to keep up with the rest of her class. Even her best friend and roommate, Lanh, has long since entered the military, and has discouraged her from doing the same ever since. But when she learns that one of them is considered a valuable commodity in two separate countries, Tuyen is forced to acknowledge one thing: that commodities don't always get happy endings. Hiatus.

Poor Catalyst. It has had a rough life. It began as a cowriting project, which I took over for after my cowriter moved on to greener pastures. Then I started to rewrite it out as my own, while still trying to be faithful to the cowriting logs, and around chapter fourteen, I realized some things would have to be tweaked if I wanted to keep going with it. So the story's currently on break while I figure out how to rework the chapters. I've rewritten the opening chapter so far and was pleased when it turned out about ten times stronger, so hopefully that bodes well for the rest of the
Chapter One, v. 2

The Imperial Guard:
"There's no history that's completely accurate except for the one you see with your own eyes" - that's what former aristocrat Catalin Kasshen believes. And he's seen quite a bit of it himself: the quiet summer morning that saw Empress Gwendolyn Doyle and her personal guard slaughtered, the subjugation of the Myrrh Empire to the neighboring Carmine, and his own enslavement to Carmine's Emperor Anwar as penance for the last act of defiance by his cousin, Celeste. After fifteen years of apologizing, Catalin has long given up any desire to fight back, and only wants to ride out the rest of his life in relative peace. Unfortunately, when he finds himself thrown out a window and into the turbulent underground revolution, he finds insurgents aren't known for respecting others' wishes. Ongoing.

Ahaha, if you've known me for two seconds, you've probably heard me talk about this at least a gazillion times. That's probably because this one is, quite possibly, my baby. I came up with the original concept about a decade ago, and though it doesn't resemble the old idea at all, it's been reinventing itself since its first incarnation. Finally, I reached a point where I could write about it. This is my big in-progress one currently, and it's the one I'm working on the most. And I will be working on it for a long time, because the finished product will be a mammoth trilogy. And for me, at least, it'll be fun. ♥

Grandmaster Draw:
Liam has been crazy since he was six. Or, at least, that was when he started seeing the same door everywhere he went, the one no one else seemed to notice. Though he never told anyone about his hallucinations - not his caring parents, nor his overprotective, abrasive older brother Thom - he always knew that they wouldn't stay innocuous forever, and decided that he'd be prepared for what happened, whatever happened. There was one thing he hadn't quite prepared for: being perfectly sane. Ongoing.

This is my new one! It started when Melissa gave me a prompt at my request, and it has been progressing surprisingly fast, mostly because it is so damned fun. It'll be my first YA story, my first with multiple first person narrators (Thom and Liam,) and I'm trying out some new tricks here that will hopefully turn out okay. I'm currently writing the third part of this one, after which I'll put it on pause to finish the first Imperial Guard book/think more about later developments.

The Hungry Ground

My current project! Summary TBA.

Cerine's commission from the Live Long and Marry charity auction, which is becoming a project in its own right! It started as a fantasy story about two human sacrifices turned deity's errand girls, and now it will probably end up as a novella-length story (or comic, I haven't yet decided) with tons of different elements of folklore. This is what I'm tagging it as until I come up with a working title. And I currently have no idea. But it's going to be fun!

I love collaborating with you crazy people, and I will do so at any given opportunity, so never be shy about asking. Occasionally, drabbles and the like from collab projects end up here! The most commonly seen around these parts is "Project," an ever so creatively titled collab between Elle and me, but there's plenty more where that came from.

Misc Original:
The tag I use for the projects that aren't quite fully formed yet. I have bits and pieces in here from some future half-formed story ideas, my characters without homes, and my beginnings that haven't quite gone anywhere yet. There may be some short fiction in there, but I have no idea. I'm so bad at short fiction.

I don't write poetry nearly as often as I write fiction, but I do write it. And I have a fairly large portfolio of work I don't hate! So I'll be posting those on here, as well.
Best of 2004-2008

Ahahaha. I don't write fanfic well enough (or enough, period) to have much activity with this tag, but it's there! Always one-shots, and usually as gifts to people, except if I just had the unstoppable urge to write it. I've written the most stuff for The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Ergo Proxy, xxxHOLiC, Mushishi, Onmyoji, and Black Lagoon, but there are various other things mixed in there, too. I'll probably only post the longer ones and/or the drabbles where I actually like how they turned out.

Right! I'll probably start the reposting soon. Sorry in advance for the post-flooding. If you have any questions about any of these projects, feel free to ask!
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